Friday, March 30, 2012

Amendment 6 Kevin

The main idea of the sixth amendment is that if you can't afford a lawyer (legal counsel ) either try to get one or the government will get you one. This amendment is interesting to me because I know It can protect me.

Amendment 9 Dana

The main idea is that not all rights can be listed in the Constitution. There are so many basic human rights that not all of them could be listed in the Constitution. Just because a right isn't expressly written into the Constitution that doesn't mean it isn't exactly a right. For example,no where in the Constitution does it talk about your right to have children, but this would be a right that people have. The government can't say who may have children and who may not.


7th amendment

The 7 th amendment is about the right to trial by jury. We chose this amendment because we are interested in how juries work.

Sean and Hunter

Amendment 1 Jenna

The amendment that I chose was amendment I. Amendment I says that everyone has the freedom of speech, religion and press. It also says that you have the right to assemble and petition government (ask questions). Amendment I interests me because without it we would not be able to stand up for what we believe in.


Amendment 1 jenn

Amendment #1is about freedom of speech, freedom or religion, and the press. This is the right to assemble,and the right to petition government. This amendment was chosen by me be cause I believe this amendment is a amendment that should protect my ability to say what's on my mind.


First Admendment

I chose the First Amendment because it makes illegal to make a law that establishes religion, stops the freedom of speech.Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.They can't prohibit the free excercise thereof.The rights of people to peacefully to assemble.Stop people from demonstrating against the goverment.This is why I chose the First Amendment.

Niaviana G.